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Bhilwara, Rajasthan TAXI TARIFF

Car Rental Services in Bhilwara, Rajasthan

TaxiWale provides online car rental service for Bhilwara city in India. Your are just a few step away to book the online car in Bhilwara city through our website. We provide the various hassle free car rental service in Bhilwara city as shown below

1. Full Day: This service is most preferred by user, due to high limit of Hours and kilometer. This service come along with the limit of 8Hrs/80Km. This means that, the user is allowed to use the cab for 8 Hours and 80 Kilometer. If the kilometer or hours are exceeded, then extra charges with respect to Hours and kilometer both will be applied.

2. Half Day: This service come along with the limit of 4Hrs/40Km. This means that, the user is allowed to use the cab for 4 Hours and 40 Kilometer. If the kilometer or hours are exceeded, then extra charges with respect to Hours and kilometer both will be applied.

Bhilwara, Rajasthan Transfer Car Rental Services
Taxiwale provides the Transfer Cab services in Bhilwara. This service provide the facility to travel from one location of Bhilwara city to another(Single use). The aim of service to provide pick and drop facility within the same city for only onces. User may book a cab from any location of Bhilwara city to drop at any location of same city, the drop location could be the Airport, Railway station, Hotel etc and vice-versa.

Our highly trained driver always take of comfort of your travel in the city. They take care to drop traveler to their destination safe, comfortably just like walk in the park. We provide best class of cabs of all ranges like budget cars, Luxurious and semi-luxurious, AC & Non-AC cabs.

About Bhilwara, Rajasthan

Bhilwara is a city located in Mewar region of the state of Rajasthan, India. It is known for its cloth industries. It is also called as the City of Cloth, Culture and Calmness. It is the head quarter of the district of the same name ‘’ Bhilwara District’’. Major industry in Bhilwara is textile industry with more than 4000 units in the town. The city is also known as textile city of India. It is the largest manufacturer of suiting, fabric and yarn in India. It accounts about 50 % of total products of polyester/viscose fabrics (suiting) in India.


Places to visit: There are many places of attraction in and around Bhilwara. The old fort and the city of Bijolia are situated just 50 km away on Bundi and Chittaurgarh road. It was known as Vindhyavali in ancient times. On the eastern side of the city there are three beautiful temples. Among them the temple of Hajaresvera is a prominent religious place. The temple is surrounded by thousands of small Lingas and hence it is called as Hajaresvera or Sahastralinga. Known for beautiful waterfall, Menal is located just 80km away from Bhilwara. The height of the water fall is about 150 feet and it is in V shaped valley. The water falls with great force and sound of it can be heard from a long distance. Shahapura is famous for 700 year old Painting. It is situated 55 km away on Jahajpur- Devli road. Built by Rana Kumbha, Mandalgarh fort is situated about 52 km from Bhilwara. The fort is 1 m long and elevated at the height of 1850 feet. There are number of temples in the vicinity of the fort. Triveni is located 40 km from Bhilwara on Kota Road. The place is popularly known as Triveni Chauhara where three rivers meet. The temple of Shiva is situated in the coast line and it remains submerged most of the time during rainy season. On the occasion of Poornima, Amavasa, Kartik and Magh month, people from other places come to take a dip in this holy water. One of the most beautiful forts of Rajasthan, Badnore Fort is situated 70 km away from Bhilwara. The fort is seven storied and one of the best examples of medieval military style of architecture. Mejha Dam is one of the major tourist places around Bhilwara. It is situated about 17km away from Bhilwara. It is a major water reservoir for Bhilwara residents. Surrounding area is full of beautiful natural sights.


How to reach: Rail and road connect the city to many other parts of the state and country. Many state run buses and private luxury buses are available to visit Bhilwara from other cities and towns of the state and the country. Trains connect Bhilwara to Ajmer, Jaipur,Kota, Jodhpur, Delhi, Bharatur, Agra, Gwalior and many other cities and towns of the state and the country. Nearest airport is situated at Udaipur which is about 165 km away from Bhilwara.


Other details: Many popular fairs are organized in and around Bhilwara. These fairs attract many tourists from other parts of the country as well. Tejaji Mela (Fair), Phool Dol Mela and Sawai Bhoj ka Mela are some of them.

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