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Kolkata, West Bengal TAXI TARIFF

Car Rental Services in Kolkata, West Bengal

TaxiWale provides online car rental service for Kolkata city in India. Your are just a few step away to book the online car in Kolkata city through our website. We provide the various hassle free car rental service in Kolkata city as shown below

1. Full Day: This service is most preferred by user, due to high limit of Hours and kilometer. This service come along with the limit of 8Hrs/80Km. This means that, the user is allowed to use the cab for 8 Hours and 80 Kilometer. If the kilometer or hours are exceeded, then extra charges with respect to Hours and kilometer both will be applied.

2. Half Day: This service come along with the limit of 4Hrs/40Km. This means that, the user is allowed to use the cab for 4 Hours and 40 Kilometer. If the kilometer or hours are exceeded, then extra charges with respect to Hours and kilometer both will be applied.

Kolkata, West Bengal Transfer Car Rental Services
Taxiwale provides the Transfer Cab services in Kolkata. This service provide the facility to travel from one location of Kolkata city to another(Single use). The aim of service to provide pick and drop facility within the same city for only onces. User may book a cab from any location of Kolkata city to drop at any location of same city, the drop location could be the Airport, Railway station, Hotel etc and vice-versa.

Our highly trained driver always take of comfort of your travel in the city. They take care to drop traveler to their destination safe, comfortably just like walk in the park. We provide best class of cabs of all ranges like budget cars, Luxurious and semi-luxurious, AC & Non-AC cabs.

About Kolkata, West Bengal

Kolkata is the capital city of the state of West Bengal in India; it has approximately 16 million residents which is third largest in India. During British Raj Kolkata was the capital of India till the year 1911. In spite of its urbanization problems Kolkata is still a cultural and Educational center of East. It is also known for its science, and politics centers. Kolkata has a long history, but the documented one is from the year 1690 when East India Company made its entry in India. Now Kolkata is spread over an Area of about 1800 Sq. Km. it comprises of about 150 postal zones. The suburban area of Kolkata comprise of parts of five other districts.

Kolkata has a tropical type of climate which is dry as well as wet. Temperatures may range from a low of about 9 degrees to a high of up to 40 degrees . Rainfall in Kolkata is about 1500 mm. Kolkata is the main trade, business and economic center of the eastern and north eastern Indian states. Calcutta stock exchange is located in Kolkata. Much of business in Kolkata (about 40%) is generated through unorganized sector in Kolkata, though organized service sector also contributes in the economy. Recently IT companies have grown with a rapid speed in Kolkata, recording an annual growth of 70%. Presently a boom in the real estate market is also noteworthy.

The most popular public transport in Kolkata is Local train. Other systems of local commuting are Trams, Buses and taxis. Other private taxis and auto rickshaws are also used for commuting. Water ferries operate from Kolkata to Howrah. Outstation transport of all modes is available in Kolkata. Kolkata is connected by air to major national and International cities. Shipping Corporation of India operates ship cargo services to various destinations within India. Kolkata is linked by Railway services to major cities of India. There is a complete roadways network connecting major destination in the country.

Kolkata has about 75% Hindus, 22%Muslims, 2% christen and about 1% Jains living in Kolkata. Kolkata has about 200, 00 Chinese living in the city most of them work in tanning industries of Chinese restaurants. Broadly people of all origins of India can be found in Kolkata. Bengali is the main and official language of Kolkata, though English is spoken among white collar service people. Kolkata is known for its arts and literature people here have a taste and admiration for music, literature, dance, plays and other forms of arts & cultural performances. Kolkata is rightly known as artistic Capital of India. Football is the favorite game of Kolkata.

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