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Trivandrum, Kerala TAXI TARIFF

Car Rental Services in Trivandrum, Kerala

TaxiWale provides online car rental service for Trivandrum city in India. Your are just a few step away to book the online car in Trivandrum city through our website. We provide the various hassle free car rental service in Trivandrum city as shown below

1. Full Day: This service is most preferred by user, due to high limit of Hours and kilometer. This service come along with the limit of 8Hrs/80Km. This means that, the user is allowed to use the cab for 8 Hours and 80 Kilometer. If the kilometer or hours are exceeded, then extra charges with respect to Hours and kilometer both will be applied.

2. Half Day: This service come along with the limit of 4Hrs/40Km. This means that, the user is allowed to use the cab for 4 Hours and 40 Kilometer. If the kilometer or hours are exceeded, then extra charges with respect to Hours and kilometer both will be applied.

Trivandrum, Kerala Transfer Car Rental Services
Taxiwale provides the Transfer Cab services in Trivandrum. This service provide the facility to travel from one location of Trivandrum city to another(Single use). The aim of service to provide pick and drop facility within the same city for only onces. User may book a cab from any location of Trivandrum city to drop at any location of same city, the drop location could be the Airport, Railway station, Hotel etc and vice-versa.

Our highly trained driver always take of comfort of your travel in the city. They take care to drop traveler to their destination safe, comfortably just like walk in the park. We provide best class of cabs of all ranges like budget cars, Luxurious and semi-luxurious, AC & Non-AC cabs.

About Trivandrum, Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram is the capital of Kerala state in India. It is located near the southernmost tip of the Indian mainland on the western sea coast of Arabian Sea with Western Ghats on its eastern side. It has the Admistrative headquarters of the state of Kerala as well as Thiruvananthapuram district. Apart from being the political hub of the state it is an academic center and also an IT headquarter of Kerala, the IT Park in Thiruvananthapuram is the first and largest IT parks in India It employs 30,000 employees and has over 195 Companies in it. Totally it is unmatched in quality and competitiveness in the country. Country’s first animation park by the name Kinfra Film and Video Park is located here. It has been judged as the tenth most green city of India. It is the location of many important organizations like University of Kerala, Vikram Sarabhai Space Center, Techno Park, Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Indian Institute of Molecular Materials, Indian Institute of Information Technology and Management and Center for Development Studies etc.

The name of the city means the ‘Town of the Lord Ananta\'. The main center of the city is the temple of Lord Sri Padmanabhaswamy. The temple deity is in a reclining posture on the serpent Anant sesha. According to an estimate the value of the riches of the temple stored in its secret vaults is around Rs.1,oo,ooo crore making it the richest temple in the world. The climate of the city is tropical monsoon type and tropical Savanna type both. The mean minimum temperature in a year is 21°Celsius the lowest recorded is 15° and highest recorded temperature is 39° Celsius. And the mean maximum temperature is 34° Celsius. The city gets a heavy rainfalls of about 1700 mm yearly. Tourism is an important economic activity of the town with many places to see in and around Trivandrum. As Kerala is known as ‘God’s own Country’, the Trivandrum is known as ‘God’s own Capital’. Local transporting is done mainly by city busses though taxis, Auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws are also available, some of the main roads in the city are six lanes with a disciplined traffic.

City is well connected by roads , Rails and Air to other cities of the nation. Important state highway No. SH1 and National Highway NH-47 start from the city therefore the road connectivity with rest of the country is maintained. There are five Railway stations in the city. The city is connected to all the important cities of the country. It is the first station on the longest train route in India from Kanyakumari to Jammu. Trivandrum International Airport has direct connectivity to Middle East and many Eastern Countries. Its domestic terminus serves many Indian cities. A Deep Water Container Trans-Shipment Port is coming up in the city which will develop business with other nations.

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